Factory Direct Disposable Endoscopic Cleaning Brush

Disposable Cleaning Brush

Factory Direct Disposable Endoscopic Cleaning Brush

Endoscopic Cleaning Brush Kit

Factory Direct Disposable Endoscopic Cleaning Brush

A wide variety of endoscope cleaning brushes that includes valve brushes, channel brushes, and kits for colonoscopes, gastroscopes, and duodenoscopes. Conveniently packaged and single use to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

  • Shelf Life :

    3 years
  • Storage Mode :

    The relative humidity should not exceed 80%, the temperature should be - 10 ~40 C, no corrosive gas and good ventilation room.
  • Packing :

    Packaging Bags 1 piece/bag, plus medium and outer boxes.
  • Date of Manufacture :

    See labels on small packages (bags) for details.
  • Model :


Factory Direct Disposable Endoscopic Cleaning Brush


Product Features

The disposable cleaning brushes from us ensure a perfectly cleaned endoscope, thus reducing the risk of cross-contamination to a minimum. The brushes also protect your endoscope. Spherical beads on the brush ends prevent the endoscope’s working channel from being damaged during cleaning. 


Product Parameters

Model Brush Head Length1(mm) Brush Head Length2(mm) Diameter(mm) Overrall Length(mm)
CB10-2020/23 2 2 1.0  2300
CB16-3030/23 3 3 1.5  2300
CB18-3030/23 3 3 1.7  2300
CB18-5050/23 5 5 1.7  2300
CB18-6060/23 6 6 1.7  2300
CB18-7070/23 7 7 1.7  2300
CB18-50110/23 5 11 1.7  2300
CB18-5055/23 5 5.5 1.7  2300
CB18-T5050/23 T5 T5 1.7  2300
CB23-6060/23 6 6 2.1  2300


How to use the device

Insert the front end brush of disposable brush forceps brush into endoscope biopsy hole with short stroke. Grab the sheath tube of the front end brush of forceps brush and pull the brush of the back end of forceps brush intothe forceps passage with short stroke until the forceps brush is pulled out completely from the forceps passage mouth.

Use clean water gas button to brush and clean water gas button once.


Type of shipping

Relative humidity does not exceed 80%, temperature-10 C-40 C Handling, loading and unloading should be handled lightly, stacked in strict accordance with the marking requirements and take protective measures.


High Quality Guaranteed 

Product quality is always our priority concerns. We believe only results matter. Introducing our professional team into our R&D, manufacturing and QA process, we proudly announced that 'the quality of our products, you can always trust'.

We are pleased to offer you high quality instruments with the factory price.


Our Services

Nanjing Jingweixian Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized disposable endoscope cleaning brush and disposable bite block manufacturer. The products pass the CE certification and ISO 134485:2006 certification.

OEM & ODM services available with customized logos.

Packaging with customized brand name/logo available.

Delivery of bulk quantity order depend on mutual agreement.



1.Q:Are you a factory or trading company? How many people work in your company?

A:We are a factory and we have 150 workers till this year.


2. Q:Could you provide some samples?

A: We will be happy to send you samples.


3. Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A:"Quality is priority." We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the beginning to the end. Provide high-quality products at ex-factory prices.


4.Q: How can I become a JWX distributor?

A: Contact us immediately for futher details by sending us an inquiry. we will tell you then.

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