How much for custom medical endoscope cleaning brush?
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How much for custom medical endoscope cleaning brush?

How much for custom medical endoscope cleaning brush?

February 07, 2023

 How much for custom medical endoscope cleaning brush? Medical cleaning brushes refer to brush products used to clean medical equipment and supplies, such as endoscope cleaning brushes, general cleaning brushes for surgical instruments, and medical suction tube cleaning brushes. Among them, the endoscope cleaning brush is suitable for cleaning endoscopes in medical devices, such as the cleaning of commonly used gastroscopes, laryngoscopes and other pipeline detection instruments. So, do you know: how much is the medical endoscope cleaning brush?

Regarding the question of "How much is the medical endoscope cleaning brush?", it can be said that there are many factors that affect the price of the medical endoscope cleaning brush, such as: material selection, size and size of the endoscope cleaning brush, purchase quantity, and whether to open the mold ...will determine the price of medical endoscope cleaning brushes.

Therefore, if you want to know "how much is a medical endoscope cleaning brush"? It also needs to be determined according to the actual customized endoscope cleaning brush style, size specification and purchase quantity and other multi-dimensional factors. Here, it is worth noting that in the current medical cleaning brush market, the product quality is uneven. If you need to customize medical endoscope cleaning brushes, please contact us for consultation.

The medical cleaning brushes produced by Nanjing Jingwei Line Medical Technology Co., Ltd. are strictly in accordance with the standards of medical brushes. We produce raw materials from our own, have obtained ISO 13485 and CE certificates, serving domestic and international customers, products are sold to more than 20 countries such as the European Union, the United States, Japan and so on, with excellent technical personnel team, to optimize and innovate products every year

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