Detailed introduction of disposable bite block
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Detailed introduction of disposable bite block

Detailed introduction of disposable bite block

September 13, 2022



Prevent damage a patient from biting down:


When placing an device in or through the oral cavity, orduring an intraoral procedure (e.g. endotracheal tube, laryngeal mask airway, bronchoscopy, endoscopy, transoesophageal echocardiography probe).



Different designs available.

Inserts between the molars and prevents closure of the jaws; has a handle-like tail that rests externally on the cheek to avoid swallowing the device and for manipulating the position

Disposable bite blocks – have a flat bite portion that may be padded and an internal, and larger external flanged portion to prevent dislodgement; some have a port for attachment of oxygen and others an open area through which the operators protected fingers can be inserted to help manipulate a scope into position; some have a head strap



insertion of the device between the patient’s teeth

best performed with either an alert co-operative patient or a sedated and paralysed patient



Trauma to the patients teeth or oral mucosa including bleeding


can induce regurgitation, vomiting and aspiration

displacement into the esophagus or airway obstruction

injury to the proceduralist during insertion.

Disposable Bite Blocks Of Mouth Guard is mainly used to the protection of oral cavity and gastroscope in the process of gastroscope operation. It is widely used in clinical application, the single use Bite Block produced by Jingwei Line Medical company has a nice looking, accords with human body engineering, firm structure and can meet clinical requirements.

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